Shelli Craig Photography: Blog en-us (C) Shelli Craig Photography 2018 (Shelli Craig Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:03:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:03:00 GMT Shelli Craig Photography: Blog 120 96 Earlier.Org Gingerbread Competition I enjoyed the day yesterday at the Gingerbread competition! I set up a Photo Booth for the jolly elves who were there to decorate their gingerbread houses! It was a full-on competition with folks cutting out the house shapes, frosting the houses and then decorating with candy and other goodies!   Thanks to everyone who came by to take some fun photos! Here's the link to download them:



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Sherlock 2016 I've been privileged to photograph events for a local non-profit group, over the past few years. The most recent was their Sherlock 5K dog walk to raise money for's goal — a biological test to find breast cancer sooner. 

The adorable dogs were dressed in costumes and ran or walked with their humans around Country Park!  There were lots of fun things going on and one of them was a photo booth I set up for the pups!  Unfortunately the wind would not cooperate with my intended set up, but I think we had a lovely setting!  

Each download of an image from this event is a small $5 donation but all the funds will go to!  

If you'd like a personalized pet session or a family session including your pet, call me at 336 554 3987 or email me at


Thanks to for the opportunity to photograph these lovelies! 



SamSamLOVED this guy. He was perfect.

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We've Moved! Our studio has a new location!

If you've never been to Revolution Mill, you are in for a wonderful surprise. Revolution Mill is located just off of Yanceyville Street in Greensboro. Exciting things are happening there. The owners are developing a space for living, working and creating!

They are in the process of building nearly 150 apartments that will be GORGEOUS!  There will be more artists' studios -- and these are also very beautiful - glass rooms with lots of light!  They are developing an outdoor courtyard for performances and other events.  It is really going to be fantastic and I'm so happy to be located in this gorgeous space.

There is plenty of room for parking and there is a great little coffee shop/bakery just upstairs from our studio!


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ClickAway This past week I spent time at Click Away, a photography convention put together by ClickinMoms an online forum for photographers and moms! I'm both! I've learned a lot on their website over the years but the main reason I wanted to come to Click Away was to meet Sue Bryce. 

Sue Bryce is a glamour photographer from NZ who has lived internationally and currently lives in LA. She is one of the most uplifting and giving photographers but she is an amazing soul more than anything. She spoke, not on photography, but on self-worth and on self-love and how these things are inherent problems for many women. She has lived it and talked about how to overcome the fears we have of success and the limits we place on ourselves based on our inner conversations. It was beautiful. She's amazing and the chance to meet her was worth the cost of the whole convention. 


I was lucky enough to speak with her individually and I laughed because she looked at me and said "You're a shorty, aren't you?" LOL Yeah.. pretty much so. And I think I'm getting shorter with age.  Regardless, she was beautiful and amazing and I completely am excited to continue to learn from her. She teaches a lot about posing women, shooting beautiful portraits of every woman.  I think this is so important! 


I took a few classes including a pet photography class - Maverick the model was not at all cooperative, but it was fun to try to get his attention. I took a class on The Playful Photographer - about photographing children at play by Kellie Bieser. Oh my gosh. She's so cute and such a great teacher. You just want to scoop her up and take her home with you.  I took a class by a photographer whose work I admire - Meg Bitton.  I enjoyed the class I took with Michelle Turner who talked about flash and Profoto lights.  Kate Parker shared her Strong is the New Pretty campaign and she's adorable. She looks just like my friend Jill if Jill had blonde hair. :)  So those were the highlights. 

I made a great new friend -- she lives in my hometown where I was born, but she went to college in my current town. My cousin works with her husband, her kids go to my high school and know my cousin's daughter... it was just amazing how many things we had in common and I feel like my sister is going home without me.. Such a fun time. I tend to talk to everyone so I met a lot of cool people. Ann, Mary, Jenny, Emily, Lori... gosh so many I can't recall the rest without looking at my new stack of business cards. 


I went on a field trip to old Austin. It was fun but I think I would have liked a little more structure as I'm not one to roam the streets alone. My friend went to an olive farm. I can't wait to hear all about it.   Here are some photos from my trip. 


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Puppy Kisses! Recently I was contacted by a nice group who provides foster homes for Boston Terriers in our area! I had a Boston Terrier before I got married and I always think of him fondly, even though he was crazy and ate my Christmas decorations! 

After a few attempts at coordinating schedules, we finally found a day for the 2 lovelies to come into the studio for their session!  One of the guys - Rowdy - is a 9 year old little Boston with a personality to fill a room! He gave the BEST kisses!  The beautiful girl just LOOKS like a Boston, but is actually a Boxer with Boston Terrier marking! Lillith was a TOTAL sweetheart and very docile and kindhearted!  

Here are some of the images -- I purposefully used the little red suitcase to show "I'm ready to go home!" :)   If you'd like to learn more about the 2 sweeties or any of the dogs available through BTRNC, visit

Can't wait to hear that these two sweethearts have homes! 


BTRNC-8294Boston Terrier Rescue of NCLillith BTRNC-8294Boston Terrier Rescue of NCLillith BTRNC-8294Boston Terrier Rescue of NCLillith BTRNC-8294Boston Terrier Rescue of NCLillith BTRNC-8294Boston Terrier Rescue of NCLillith BTRNC-8294Boston Terrier Rescue of NCLillith

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What to wear!? Probably the biggest question I get asked is "What do we wear to our photo shoot!"  For a quick answer, I suggest PINTEREST!  To look over the images I've saved go to this link! I will have a bigger post soon but this is just a QUICKIE!


I also recommend playing around at -- it is a fun way to see what other people put together and put your own outfits together too! 



Fall Family- Browns & Pinks

Fall Family- Browns & Pinks by loving-you-photography featuring mango jeans
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Head Shots with Henson Some people just come alive in front of the camera, and one such lovely lady is Henson. She is an amazing actor and performer who is currently attending the School of the Arts. I've seen her in several shows and just marvel at her talent! It was especially awesome for me to be able to do her head shots a couple of times over the past year. Watching her transform into such a gorgeous young lady has been amazing! Break a leg, Henson! You have such a bright future! 


_MG_0601_MG_0601Artist's Favorite _MG_0633_MG_0633Artist's Favorite

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Happy Sweet 16th Corey! We had a impromptu Photo Session last night! Corey, a wonderful actor and performer who attends Weaver Academy had a fantastic birthday party - All of his friends performed songs from Broadway shows and the house was PACKED! What a great way to celebrate your dreams, Corey! Afterwards we had pizza on the deck and I brought out my camera and flash for a few sweet 16 photos! Hope you had a good night buddy! Todrick loves you. 


_MG_7451_MG_7451 _MG_7448_MG_7448 _MG_7439_MG_7439 _MG_7442_MG_7442 _MG_7450_MG_7450 _MG_7444_MG_7444 _MG_7443_MG_7443 _MG_7455_MG_7455 _MG_7457_MG_7457

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MacKenzie's Senior Session What a beauty! MacKenzie was really such a lovely model for our downtown Senior Session! She had such a sense of fashion and seemed to enjoy being in front of the camera! I think that shows in her beautiful photos!  Hope you have a great Senior Year, MacKenzie! 


_MG_0883PSEditMacKenzie _MG_0883PSEditMacKenzie _MG_0883PSEditMacKenzie _MG_0883PSEditMacKenzie

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Red Thread - Green Family Are you an adoptive family? Contact me for a Red Thread Session - Free session and 25% off of print prices!  Last night I got the honor of photographing the Green Family who recently adopted the quite-adorable Ava! What a tiny but mighty little cutie pie she was! And her big sister Rachel was really good with her. She kept saying things like "Have you ever seen anything cuter in your whole life?" when we were talking about her new sister. ::sigh:: What a sweetheart.

_MG_0193_MG_0193 _MG_0579PSEdit_MG_0579PSEdit _MG_0550PSEdit_MG_0550PSEdit _MG_0271PSEdit_MG_0271PSEdit _MG_0478PSEdit_MG_0478PSEdit _MG_0331PSEdit_MG_0331PSEdit _MG_0218_MG_0218 _MG_0450PSEdit_MG_0450PSEdit AVAAVA

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Jaevon My daughter attends a performing arts high school and there are so many talented kids who attend her school. I've been fortunate to have the chance to provide head shots for several and Jaevon was my client yesterday. What a grown up, handsome guy. He really was a great model, giving me all his different "looks" to capture!   Break a leg, Jaevon! 



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Tate Family Had the opportunity to photograph a beautiful family yesterday. They have 2 adorable kids - Henry and Maggie. I decided that I need a new baby and I will name him Henry and he will be squishy and cute like this Henry ::grin:: It was a strangely beautiful day -- high in the 60s but there was still snow on the ground from the earlier snow in the week. We had fun though! 


IMG_5692Jennifer & HenrySo adorable.. both of them! IMG_5692Jennifer & HenrySo adorable.. both of them!

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Blastin' for Boobs Today I got the privilege of taking photos at - a fundraiser for that is held here in Summerfield. My friend Trish Naylor organized the event and she did an amazing job! There were almost 200 women who signed up to shoot at hot pink clays at Trish & Shane's Shooting Clays. Everyone had a great time - the weather was perfect, the food was divine and I took photos of all of the teams. SUCH fun folks. Lots of grins and giggles to be had today!  

Check out all the beautiful ladies who did a great job raising money for an important cause! 




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